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Dr. Vivek Kumar Srivastava
Head of Department )
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I feel immense pleasure to welcome you in the Department of Biotechnology. The word Biotechnology may be as old as human civilization but modern biotechnology is less than three decades old. Traditional Biotechnology that led to the development of processes for producing products like yoghurt, Vinegar, alcohol and cheese was entirely empirical and no any understanding of the mechanisms that led to the product. There was no possibility of a deliberate design to produce a desired new product in modern Biotechnology, we use the in-depth understanding that we have gained in the last five decades. The mechanisms underlie the variety of functions performed by living organisms, to produce a desired new or old product. In the case of an established product, the new biotechnological process is cheaper and better in many respects than the earlier processes. Modern biotechnology has been in-fact, a historical imperative. The Faculty of Engineering & Technology started B.Tech Biotechnology in 2004 and till date 5 batches have successfully completed their degree and out of these more than 80% students are well placed in various industries or pursuing their higher studies in India and abroad. 
The aim of the Department is to prepare the expert personals in the field of Biotechnology who could utilize there knowledge for the betterment of society and to improvement of mankind.

The integration of sincere, energetic and highly motivated faculty and the disciplined and serene atmosphere all around the campus strengthened by indomitable human spirit grooms the budding engineers and managers to lead the society of the tomorrow.

Success takes time and devotion. Studying at RBS Technical Campus would enable you to reach your goal with ease, set backs would become more manageable and life would signify more meaning. There is a wonderful world awaiting you. It is for you to grab it with both hands.

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