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1. Definition:
a. "Association" means the RBS Engineering Technical Alumni Association.
b. The Institute and/or College mean RBS Engineering Technical Campus, Bichpuri Campus, Agra.
c. The "General Body" means the General Body of the Association.
d. The "Executive Committee" means the Executive Committee of the Association.
e. Alumnus means an ex-student who has obtained a degree from RBS Engineering Technical Campus, Bichpuri Campus, Agra and the teaching staff as described in Para 2(b) below.
f. The financial year of the Association shall be reckoned from 1st April to 31st March of the following year.

2. Membership:
The following shall be eligible for the Membership of the Association
a. All Alumni of the College
b. All members of teaching staff, former / present, with 2 years standing at RBS Engineering Technical Campus .

3. Cessation of Membership:
 A member of the Association shall cease to be such a member if he/she resigns from his/her membership or is of unsound mind or is convicted by a court for any offence involving moral conductor on termination of the membership by the Executive Committee for compelling reasons or dead.

4. Organization of the Association:
a. General Body-There shall be a General Body of the Association consisting of all members.
b. Executive Body-There shall be an Executive Committee to manage the affairs of the Association

5. General Body:
a. The General Body of the Association shall hold an Annual General Body Meeting at least once a year and not more than 18 months shall elapse between two successive Annual General Body Meetings.
b. A notice of clear 15 days convening an Annual General Meeting shall be given to the members.
c. The Secretary shall upon being requested in writing by the Executive Committee or by at least 50 members of the Association, call an Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) for which at least 07 days’ notice along with agenda shall be circulated to all the members.
d. 50 members present in person shall form a quorum for any meeting of the General Body. If the meeting is adjourned after 15 minutes for want of quorum, the meeting shall again take place after 30 minutes of adjournment to transact the same business and the members present shall form the quorum.
e. The duties of the General Body shall be:
  i. To set guidelines for the Executive Committee so as to achieve the aims and objectives of the Association.
  ii. To consider and adopt the Annual Report and Audited Accounts of the Association.
  iii. To approve the budget for the following year.
  iv. To honor the Jubilee Alumni and the distinguished Alumni.
  v. To elect office bearers and members of the Executive Committee.
  vi. To transact any other business with the permission of the President in Chair.
f. All the resolutions put to vote at the General Body shall be decided by a majority vote (unless otherwise provided) on a show of hands. In case of equality of vote, the President in Chair shall have the casting vote.
g. Returning officer for the elections will be appointed by the Executive Committee who will conduct the election process. The guidelines for conducting the election will be decided by the Executive Committee.

6. Executive Committee:
a. The Executive Committee shall consist of:
  i. President 1(Director, RBS Engineering Technical Campus, Bichpuri Campus, Agra)
  ii. Vice President 1
  iii. Secretary 1
  iv. Treasurer 1
  v. Members 03
b. Election of the Executive Committee:
  i. All office bearers and members of the Executive Committee shall be elected/ nominated from amongst the Members.
  ii. The Director, RBS Engineering Technical Campus, Bichpuri, Agra shall be President of Alumni Association
  iii. Vice President shall be elected by the General Body.
  iv. The Secretary shall be nominated by the outgoing Executive Committee from amongst the members.
  v. The Treasurer shall be elected from amongst the members by the General Body.
  vi. Other three members shall be elected by the General Body.
  vii. In the eventuality of any seat left vacant, the Executive Committee will have the power to co-opt members to fill the vacancies.
  viii. The procedure for election of the office bearers of the Association shall be regulated according to the Bye-laws of the Association.
  ix. Normally no elected/ nominated office bearer shall hold office for more than three consecutive years except under exceptional circumstances approved by the Executive Committee.
  x. Returning officer for the elections will be appointed by the Executive Committee who will conduct the election process.
c. The Executive Committee will meet ordinarily every quarter, but the Secretary with the permission of President, can call an emergent meeting at any time.
d. A notice of 7 days shall ordinarily be given to members for convening an emergent meeting.
e. The quorum for the Executive Committee meeting shall be 2/3. In case, there is no quorum, it shall be adjourned and reconvened after 15 minutes, the number of members present will form the quorum.
f. The All office bearers shall normally hold office for one year / till the next election.
  i. The Executive Committee shall manage the affairs of the Association by majority vote in the Committee Meeting provided that in case of tie, the President shall have the casting vote.

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